Teen Supers BESM3

Trail Run #1 - Freedom-X Concert

Teenagers Vs. Cultists.

The individual heroes were given passes via their APDA’s to the Freedom-X concert. The only condition: they had to be prepared. Sure enough, a few hours into the event, terror struck the techno-house. Inside, cultists were murdering teenagers, using their blood to punch a hole into a demon dimension. Our heroes, first on the scene, were the only ones who could thwart their evil plans.

The lead cultist carried a crystal of unknown origin, and used it to focus his powers. While it charged, the crystal protected the dark priest, keeping him from harm. When it was finished, the crystal exploded, and the blood-fueled pentagram began to carve a gateway.

No one can say what would have emerged had the priest not been defeated, and the lines severed. All anyone can really say for sure is that it’s a good thing the heroes arrived when they did.



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